Construction Management Solutions

Construction Supervision

During the construction phase, we carry out the following tasks:

  • Represent our client in the review of design and construction documents, as well as in the inspection of work progress.
  • Arrange for special inspections and testing, as well as any other professional assistance that may be required.
  • Coordination with the architect, the contractor, and our client to establish clear communication, resulting in a smooth project progression and the avoidance of potential problems.
  • Examine and track all requests for information, as well as requests for changes to the scope and cost of the work.
  • Examine all invoices before sending them to our client for approval and payment. We must review all invoices to be charged to the project in order to account for the entire project budget.
  • Maintain adequate insurance coverage and bonds at all times.
  • Report to our client and/or other relevant parties on all aspects of the project.


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